Onyx is used as a magic stone all over the world. Since antiquity, onyx has been used as a protection against black magic. Onyx also works on deflecting negative energy and giving wearer inner harmony.   

Metals found in nature are treasures of the planet.  They represent wealth and energy from the Earth and often they have unique powers, frequency and possess high value.  The energy of bracelets from Metal Series brings financial wealth and luck for prosperity.  

Crown Charm Bracelet

    • Jewelry Type: fine
    • Bracelet Style: beaded, stretchable
    • Metal: titanium steel
    • Metal color: silver tone
    • Stone: black onyx
    • Stone Shape: round
    • Gemstone Color: black
    • Gemstone treatment: NO
    • Jewelry Finish: metal high polish, stone matt
    • the number of gemstones:
    • 8mm   S-20  M-21   L-22 
    • 10mm  S-18  M-19   L-20 
    • Length:
    • 8mm  S-17cm  M-18cm  L-19cm
    • 10mm  S-19cm  M-20cm  L-21cm
    • Weight:
    • 8mm   M- 17.8g  
    • 10mm  M- 29.8g
    • Beads’ Dimensions: 8mm, 10mm
    • Gender: all