Qiemo sugar brown jade from mountain:


Located at the foot of Kunlun Mountains, Qiemo County in Xinjiang has been an important town on the Silk Road since ancient times, and it is also the birthplace of the Jade Road. Qiemo County is the main producing area of Hetian jade. Its annual output accounts for 70% of the entire Xinjiang, and accordingly it is the largest raw material base of Hetian jade.


The characteristic of Qiemo jade is high density, great oiliness, and delicate texture. According to the color, Qiemo jade can be divided into white jade, cyan jade, sugar brown jade, blue and white jade, Huangkou jade, and so on. Among them, sugar brown jade is the most famous. Qiemo County is the main producing area of sugar brown jade. The color of sugar brown jade ranges from light brown to maroon, which is generally bright and gorgeous and is full of oiliness.    


sugar brown jade belongs to the white nephrite jade family. In addition to the pure energy contained in jade that can make people feel calm and relaxed, it is also worth mentioning that its unique color is a kind of warm, quiet, and rustic tan. It belongs to the earth tones, which is the natural color of shimmer dust and loess rock. It is steady and low-key, like Mother Earth. If you can understand this meaning in detail, you will definitely be touched and awed when wearing it.   

Caramel sugar brown Jade Bracelet

  • Jewelry Type: fine

    Bracelet Style: beaded, stretchable

    Stone: Nephrite jade

    Stone Shape: near round

    Gemstone Color: sugar brown tone

    Gemstone treatment: None   

    Jewelry Finish: polished 

    Number of gemstones: 18 beads

    Length: 19cm

    Weight: 37.9g

    Beads’ Dimensions: 10*11mm

    Gender: all