Dragon: white jade beads with one silver dragon pattern beads

Phoenix: white jade beads with one silver phoenix pattern beads


White nephrite Jade:

White jade is the main variety of nephrite jade, which has a delicate and compact texture and strong toughness. White jade is from 6 to 6.5 on the MOHS Hardness Scale, whose abrasion resistance is the strongest among jade. According to the hues, the color of white jade can be subdivided into many kinds. The color of high-quality white jade is creamy white, with slightly light cyan and pale yellow, which has a delicate texture and soft luster, and may contain a small number of impurities.


White jade conforms to the implicit aesthetic concept, not publicity, gorgeous, or dazzling. It is so lustrous and moist that is a kind of beauty with transparency inside. There is a mysterious charm in the beauty of suet white jade.


In Chinese folklore, wearing jade can play a role in decoration and achieve fitness effects. Jade symbolizes the Ren, Yi, Zhi, Yong, Jie’ of the gentleman's character, and also expresses the secular feelings of "favorableness, longevity, peace and good fortune".  


The pure energy contained in white jade can purify the negative energy of the human body, balance the yin and yang energy of the body, stabilize your emotions, relieve mental stress, and bring your mood up. White jade has been very precious since ancient times. According to historical records, if there are jades in the mountain, the vegetation will be luxuriantly green. The existence of jade makes vegetation being full of luster, how can it not make people moisturized.   


①‘Ren, Yi, Zhi, Yong, Jie’benevolence, righteousness, wisdom, courage, corruption


Dragon & Phoenix pattern beads are made of ancient silver craftsmanship:

The ancient silver craftsmanship originated from workshops of the Qing Dynasty was one of the methods used to make silverware for the Qing Dynasty imperial family.

The production of ancient silver does not use the welding method, and the surface of the jewelry produced will not leave industrial machine marks. Generally speaking, ancient silver craftsmanship should be pure handmade, and the surface texture is made by hand polishing, which is time-consuming.

Dragon & Phoenix Legend. White Jade Bracelet

  • Jewelry Type: fine

    Bracelet Style: beaded, stretchable

    Stone: Nephrite jade

    Stone Shape: round

    Gemstone Color: white

    Gemstone treatment: None

    Jewelry Finish: polished

    The number of gemstones, Length & Weight:

     19 jade beads + 1 silver deco bead  19cm  27.7g

     20 jade beads + 1 silver deco bead  20cm  29.1g

     21 jade beads + 1 silver deco bead  21cm  30.4g

    Beads’ Dimensions: 10mm

    Gender: all