- Materials Description: The pendants are made of "star rose quartz" from Mozambique, a unique type of quartz that has strong transparency yet intense soft pink hue. There are three straight lines in the quartz that form a "star" (hexagon) under the light.


- The meaning of star rose quartz: Beautiful pastel pink gives the impression of LOVE.

Rose Quartz are love healers, they help to relax mood and ease tension. Light energy is added to Star Rose Quartz and it becomes stronger. It strengthens friendships, combats lovesickness and opens the mind to beautifl things. Star Rose Quartz gives love to you and others around you. It is a gemstone actualy heals everyone.

Flush Rose Quartz Crown

  • Crystals are hand polished, with small differences in size and weight.

    - The metal is nickel-free sterling silver. with an 18" long silver boxing chain. Both are 18K rose gold plating. 

    - Average rose quartz ball size: width 14mm. Pendant length 26mm. Weight 4.75g