Yellow Huangkou nephrite jade

It is a type of He-Tian Nephrite Jade which is one of the worlds famous types of Jade. It has yellow and green tones, a warm and soft luminosity as if it has been polished with grease. Its characteristics are similar to yellow Jade and it is valuable to collect and invest.


Product of Origin:

This type of Jade is found in Xinjiang(China)- Kunlun Mountain, Ruo Qiang, Qie Muo, and Black Mountain.  The best quality Yellow Cave Jades are found in Ruo Jiang and Black Mountain.   



Yellow Huangkou Jade belongs to White Nephrite Jade family.  The yellow tone comes from metal stains between gaps over a long period of time. The jade found in Ruo Jiang appears yellow due to the area is rich in iron, and as for the Black Mountain area is rich in bronze, the Jade appears green.


Gradient of Hearts. Yellow Jade Bracelet

  • Jewelry Type: fine

    Bracelet Style: beaded, stretchable

    Stone: Nephrite jade

    Stone Shape: near round

    Gemstone Color: yellow-green - white

    Gemstone treatment: None

    Jewelry Finish: polished

    Number of gemstones: 25 beads

    Length: 19cm

    Weight: 21.58g   

    Beads’ Dimensions: 7*8mm

    Gender: all