This rare two-tone agate piece from Hulunbeier is carved as a relief sculpture to present its beautiful natural colouring. The carved subject is a mythical creature known as Phoenix, a creature of ancient myths.  There were ancient documents describing the Phoenix as “fairy creature of birds, their names were Feng Huang, with feathers tainted in five different hues and their footsteps blasted in shining light.”  The colourful Phoenix was chosen to be placed on this rare multi-hue agate.

The story of the Phoenix is legendary. The legend  is said to concern – life and death, creation and destruction.
Phoenix could never truly die. However, it was possible for the creature to be reborn.

Hand Carved Phoenix Relief on Two-Tone Agate

  • Metal: Two-Tone Agate


    Color: White & Red


    Gender: All


    Weight: 27.3G


    Dimensions: 58mm high x 37mm wide x 10mm thick