The Black Neprite Jade, which is a type of He-Tian Jade found in Guangxi’s Dahua region is well known for its superior quality. This type of jade is polished to show its delicate features: opaque and smooth texture that shows no crystalline.

The black color is also the rare and unique feature of the Jade. Among all types of Black Nephrite Jades, the ones from Guanxi are the most beautiful black jadeite materials for making high-end jewelry.  

Mystery. Black Jade Bracelet

  • Jewelry Type: fine

    Bracelet Style: beaded, stretchable

    Stone: Nephrite jade

    Stone Shape: near round

    Gemstone Color: black

    Gemstone treatment: None

    Jewelry Finish: polished

    The number of gemstones:   

    9*10mm   19 beads   

    11*12mm  18 beads     


    9*10mm   19cm   

    11*12mm  20cm


    9*10mm  33.4g

    11*12mm  52.65g

    Beads’ Dimensions:



    Gender: all