We all need the luck and fortune every now and then.  Our souls seek security and protection in the chaotic world.  The more we appreciate every item that we have such as furniture, jewelry, clothe, and money… etc., the more our possessions will resonate peace with our inner hearts.  Our possessions shape our thoughts and therefore guide us through life.  The bracelets in this series enrich our thoughts with security, joy and happiness. 

Noble Guard Bracelet

    • Jewelry Type: fine
    • Bracelet Style: chain, magnet clasp
    • Metal: titanium steel
    • Metal color: silver black
    • Stone: N
    • Stone Shape: N
    • Gemstone Color: N
    • Jewelry Finish: high polish
    • Length: 22cm
    • Width: 6cm
    • Weight: 42.7g
    • Gender: all