Canadian Jade: Also called BC Jade. The producing area is mainly on the high mountains, which are located in the north of Vancouver, Canada. Jewelry-grade Canadian jade is extremely well qualified (above AA Grade), with uniform texture and bright color.  


The general classification of Canadian jade use 3A, 2A, A, B, and C to divide the grade. 

3A Grade is suitable for expensive bangles and pendants that only account for 3% of the total amount of mining. Most jewelry-grade Canadian jade is from 2A to A Grade. The grades of carvings are usually B and C level occupying 70% of the total amount of mining. Jade has its unique impurities, such as dark spots and dark regions, which are very common. And the dark regions are often accompanied by deep dark green, which is produced by the transition from green to black. Undoubtedly, the higher grade of jade is, the less impurities it has.


The mineral composition of jade is extremely strong. Jade is a natural substance whose strength is second only to diamond. It must be cut and polished with tools and abrasives set with a diamond drill. Therefore, rings, bracelets, beads bracelets, and bangles made of Canadian jade are very durable for daily wear and will last forever.


Canadian jade color appears pure green because of its iron content. The color range of jade is very wide, among which spinach green is the first choice. What is spinach green? It is the color of mature spinach leaves. This kind of color gives people a visual sense of stability and not frivolousness. It is suitable for long-term wearing and can be worn by all ages and genders.


Canadian jade can release far-infrared rays. When the far-infrared rays emitted from jade irradiate the human body, its frequency is consistent with the movement frequency of water molecules between the cell molecules in the body, which can cause resonance effects and its energy is absorbed by the body. It will increase the temperature of the deep part of the subcutaneous tissue, accelerate the synthesis of enzymes required by the human body, thereby enhancing the body's immunity and the regeneration ability of cell tissues, and promoting physical health.

The Mindfuless Jade Bracelet

  • Jewelry Type: fine

    Bracelet Style: beaded, stretchable

    Stone: Nephrite jade

    Stone Shape: round

    Gemstone Color: green

    Gemstone treatment : None

    Jewelry Finish: polished

    Number of gemstones, Length & Weight:

     19 beads  19cm  24.8g

     20 beads  20cm  26.1g

     21 beads  21cm  27.4g

    Beads’ Dimensions: 10mm

    Gender: all